Wild Finland - Bears, Wolves and Wolverines 

20th to 25th June 2016



Deposit: £300


We will be staying in a wonderful location well away from regular civilisation on the shores of a secluded lake surrounded by forest. At this time of year in Finland it does not really get dark and if weather permits we can expect an ever changing scene of wonderful misty sunrises and sunsets over the lake and there is the opportunity of some landscape photography for those who wish.

There are many different hide locations, in forest clearings, open ground and by some small lakes allowing for close proximity and a variety of photographic opportunities. The bears visit regularly to the hides and it is unusual not to get a sighting. 

The wolves are a lot more stealthy and approach with caution, sightings are less frequent but there is an active pack in the vicinity and it is all the more rewarding when they do make an appearance. We are also likely to see Wolverine's, a muscular, stocky carrnivore of the Weasel family but more resembling a small bear and has a strength and ferocity far out of proportion with it's size.

We may also see Eagles and Black Kite.


Accommodation for our stay is in a traditional rural Finnish log house situated on the shore of a lake. It is warm and welcoming and  has a friendly family atmosphere. All meals are included and include a breakfast buffet, coffee tea and snacks during the day, dinner in the afternoon before going to the hides and a picnic/sandwiches to take to the hides.
There are 7 rooms with bunk beds, all rooms are shared accommodation, there are no single or double rooms as such but groups or families usually room together. There are four beds in each room with 8 in the largest.
Sheets and towels are provided. There is free wi-fi, satellite TV, washing machine and drier,lakeside sauna, rowing boats and canoe

 As above but if you have any special dietary requirements you must let us know at the time of booking.


 We will meet at Kajaani Airport from where we will be transferred to our base camp, a stop can be made at a supermarket if anyone wishes to buy any luxuries like beer or chocolate as our base camp location is very remote and there will be little opportunity to shop once we are on location.

Each day we eat dinner at around 4pm and then move to the hides taking a packed lunch. A sleeping bag is required for the hides though one may be hired for a small fee if you prefer not to bring one out with you. We rest in the hide as it takes a few hours until we are likely to see any activity. There is no true darkness so there is always something to watch and if we are lucky we will have an early visit. It is necessary to be quiet at all times in the hide and we speak only in very quiet whispers so as not to alert any wildlife. We shoot until after sun up when we are collected and taken back to the accommodation for a hearty breakfast. You are then free to sleep or wander outside as you wish, there is plenty to photograph. Some may wish a night off from the hides to concentrate on some landscape photography by the lake, the sunrise at this time of the year can be stunning and last for many hours. 

Non photography partners are welcome and may go to the hides with binoculars or may just use the accommodation and enjoy the forest and lake. Contact me for details.

Kit list

  • You will need to bring your own camera, preferably a DSLR or interchangeable lens camera.
  • A 500mm lens or equivalent with converters will get you close to the action 
  • Wide Angle Lens for landscape
  • Ball head or gimbal head
  • A tripod is not needed for the hides but useful for landscape
  • Waterproofs
  • Wellies or waterproof boots/shoes
  • Warm clothes and warm socks for the hides (shoes are not allowed in the hide.)
  • Sleeping bag (one can be hired if you prefer)
  • Mosquito repellant (for the walk in, the hides are fairly mosquito proof)

It is possible to hire a camera/lens and other photographic equipment (subject to availability). Please contact me for details. Sleeping bags are only needed for the hides as it can be a long wait for the bears to appear, you will probably be fully dressed inside them and we sometimes take it in turns to rest. These can be hired at 10 Euros per night or you may prefer your own.




Monday 20th to Saturday 25th June 2016

Number of Nights



Transfer from Kajaani Airport to accommodation, bed linen, all meals at accommodation plus packed lunches, transport to hides, permit to no mans land, use of hides, sauna, wi-fi


Flights, insurance, alcohol

Exhertion Level


We usually get close to the hides by vehicle and from here access is on foot and typically anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes walk-in. The terrain is flat but often boggy so appropriate footware is advised.